University of Oulu (UO) is one of the largest universities in Finland. UO is a multidisciplinary university with its ten faculties, including etc. medicine, business, natural sciences and technology. This variability enables innovative approaches and new views to various research topics.

Oulu Mining School (OMS) of UO combines the expertise in geosciences, geophysics, mining engineering and mineral processing under the shared umbrella. The aim is to give the students holistic perspective of the whole mine value chain. In addition to these core areas, other faculties at the UO participate to projects in supporting areas such as environmental engineering, process chemistry, water management, automation, control and modelling.

OMS Research Centre provides a state-of-art platform for mining related research and education. For example, in-house, continuous mode process plant, minipilot, creates an excellent platform for developing eco-efficient process solutions for material treatment and for studying the upscaling of the processes.

Close collaboration with mining community – e.g mining companies and technology providers, research associations and universities –is seen vital at OMS and is thoroughly taken into account in the curriculum. OMS has wide international collaboration in research with various countries all around the world.