New courses

One of the main problems that working professionals have for continuous development is the time to be dedicated to attending face-to-face classes. From the lessons learned while developing first Prochaine, the next program has an improved structure and schedule and it will last two weeks in LTU and one week in OMS with one month of theory online. The demonstration plant at GTK is an optional choice for participants.
You can choose only one of the modules or ask for a tailored training.

First Group of participants in Prochaine 2018

The first PROCHAINE course (2018) consisting of three modules and intensive six weeks of lectures and practices concluded satisfactorily with participation five companies Boliden, Nordkalk, Outotec, Yara and Metso and 14 participants with a background in mineral processing, mineralogy and environment. From the feedback of participants, the satisfaction on achieving their learning outcomes was higher than 95%.


New courses will be announced later.